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Cave des producteurs de Vouvray.
Producteurs de Vouvray

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A treasure-trove of historic sites, the Touraine is equally wellendowed with divine gastronomic treats.
Set right at the heart of the vineyard of Vouvray, the Cave des Producteurs currently regroups 40 wine-growers devoted to their land, to quality and to tradition.
Selected with great care, our wines are bottled and matured in our cellars, in over two kilometers of galleries dug intro the living rock. There you will discover the secrets behind the creation of our wines, completed by a commented video showing the modern process for the sparkling wines.
The tasting that follows your visit will give you the opportunity to choose to entertain family and friends, reaffirming the Grands Vins de Vouvray motto:"Je resjois les cuers" - "I bring joy to your heart".

Cave des producteurs de Vouvray.
Address (France)
38 La Vallée Coquette - 37210 Vouvray
The Cave's Telephone :
From the USA, dial 0 11 33 2 47 52 75 03,
From within France, dial 02 47 52 75 03,
From most of the rest of the world, dial 00 33 2 47 52 75 03.




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